About Armani Ltd.

Armani Ltd. began as an effort to help one collector sell approximately fifty mint condition Giuseppe Armani figurines with their original packaging and Certificates of Authenticity. Along the way we have learned a great deal about the market, the figurines and the artist.

We have combined this information with the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the past 30 years in Marketing, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce to help others buy and sell Giuseppe Armani limited edition figurines in their original packaging with Certificates of Authenticity. We will make the process easy.

Above all, we wish to preserve and build value in the Giuseppe Armani brand for all collectors through the information and service we provide.

Other areas we’d like to introduce to the market include:

Value Increase Alerts – We’ll send you an email to alert you to all value increases on any specific Armani Limited Edition Figurine you’ve purchased through ArmaniLtd.com. Not all of us are investors, but it’s always good to know.

A Giuseppe Armani Only Marketplace – We focus on Giuseppe Armani Limited Edition Figurines, their buyers and sellers only. We make every step in the Buying and Selling process easy, fair & less time consuming. We charge less for our involvement in this process.

All Shipments Insured for 125% of Purchase Price – All Figurines are shipped in original packaging, with the utmost care. However, sometimes damage can occur. We offer 125% Shipping Insurance FREE covering the following: 1) Damage by Carrier 2) Lost in Shipping 3) Weather Damage 4) Theft

All Shipments Free -Delivery of your Armani Limited Edition Figurine, with original packing and Certificate of Authenticity is FREE inside the 48 contiguous United States.

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